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[ i n f o ]

1. state your name - - Adrienne, Adri for short
2. state your age - - 20
3. how did you get here - - invite by lipstick_arsen
4. favorite piece of clothing - - my psycotic hoodie
5. whats would YOU say your style is? - - comfy, random, questionable.
6. why should you be accepted? - - because people are hot. and new experiences are fun.
7. make me laugh - - "if you've ever staired into the opening of an orange juice container because it said concintrate. . .you might be a redneck"
8. the standard 4 picks - -

wholy crap was that lip swollen of mine :3

Yup, i'm the odd one out there. O_o
The one w/ black. I thought it was a nice picture.
Now I'm not sure. (lol)

This one was just added for fun.

Enough said.
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