slicker than your average (scandalism) wrote in under_vanity,
slicker than your average

1. state your name:: My name is Jesse
2. state your age:: My age is 18
3. how did you get here:: Kelly the crazy girl told me to come here
4. favorite piece of clothing:: my black tshirt
5.whats would YOU say your style is?:: well I used to be cool and have more of an edgy style, but now I'm just a lazy tshirt and jeans slut.
6. why should you be accepted?:: cuz I have the nape of my neck pierced and that's fuckin awesome.
7. make me laugh:: ummmm uhhh so uh if you're not doin anything later uh...ummmmm wadda go for a swib?
8. the standard 4 picks::

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